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copyright.pngTerms of use of the material on our site

This site may only be referred to online for personal use only.

If you are working for a commercial organization that wishes to refer to our material you must first gain written permission from us.
We will then assess if you may refer to our work or not. Please note under most circumstances we decline any commercial use of our work.

Under no circumstances may our site be consulted as a source of information by any individual or organization that is attempting to write or research for any form of online (or offline) encyclopedia or for content / articles for a website or other publication.

Our site content is only for personal use only.
You may browse, view and listen to the material available on our web site.

However any other use of our site material (text, images, graphics or photos etc) is not permitted.

Copying, downloading, reproducing, creating derivative works, rephrasing or rewording, translating, hosting of any of our material is strictly prohibited without our express written permission.

Legal action will be considered against individuals or organizations that ignore this copyright notice or terms of use on this page.


Photo Protection

To protect our pictures and photos they have been watermarked with both a visible and invisible copyright code.

Downloading or unauthorized use of any of our images is not permitted.

Watermarked images are regularly scanned on the web and unauthorized use of these images will be detected.

 We use sample pictures (in photo galleries) from Panoramio, and Picassa they are not in our responsibility, they are copyrighted by the users.


Copyright Protection

To understand more about copyright protected material we suggest you Click here to visit the US copyright Protection office

We have registered all our site material, text, graphics, images and audio .

This evidence will prove that we are the original creators of the work and is admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Analipsi Logo Copyright

Analipsi Village Logo is registered and copyrighted, any use (for advertising, printing etc.)  without our permision is prohibited.


Related Links

All links to other sites and related content,  is not our responsibility.



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